La semana en Twitter – 20-09-2020

RT @ISCWAG1: Very good news for WAG in New Zealand – freedom to wear what is comfortable for active sport. 01:12:43, 2020-09-15 RT @GimcatFCG: Els gimnastes de GAM entrenant fort! Així han acabat el seu primer dia al CAR l'Héctor i l'Enric! 💪 01:14:09, 2020-09-15 RT @papaliukin: Arthur Zanetti's son, Liam, was born […]

La semana en Twitter – 13-09-2020

RT @sreidreporter: ICYMI: @USAGym places restrictions on Azarian coaches amid abuse allegations @TeamUSA @gymnastics @Tokyo2020 @LA28 #Edua… 00:16:44, 2020-09-07 RT @Simone_Biles: have yall lost your minds🤣 I can’t even fathom 00:22:42, 2020-09-07 RT @riathalsam: With gymnastics the latest Olympic sport facing serious claims, I’ve looked closely at athlete welfare. Found at least 9 GB… 00:32:26, […]

La semana en Twitter – 06-09-2020

@Nyalka Es muy lamentable que hayas tenido que pasar por eso, Mélodie. Muchas gracias por haber contado tu historia… in reply to Nyalka 10:57:36, 2020-08-31 @romacastellini @MoominWhisky I've been unfortunately too busy, these past days. It caught me a bit off guard, but… in reply to romacastellini 11:01:29, 2020-08-31 @romacastellini @MoominWhisky @Nyalka It […]

La semana en Twitter – 30-08-2020

This is why nobody dares to speak up in Spain. #GymnastAlliance #GymnastAllianceES 02:26:39, 2020-08-24 @WeissDArc @csed_csd @RFEGimnasia @LuciaGuisadoM Mi mayor viga ha sido ceder ante la intimidación en su momento. El… in reply to WeissDArc 02:44:53, 2020-08-24 @dianajc99 @3ribbons2hoops Carballo family. Yes. And their vassals. It works like that: you are either a […]

La semana en Twitter – 23-08-2020

RT @intlgymnast: Flashback: 1964 Ed Gunny (USA) 😲 00:06:23, 2020-08-17 RT @people: Party of Five! Olympic Gymnast Carly Patterson Expecting Her Third Child with Husband Mark Caldwell​ 00:06:47, 2020-08-17 RT @TwistingDouble: I know I don’t have many followers so this likely won’t get read, but I feel like I have to speak. #gymnastalliance […]

La semana en Twitter – 26-07-2020

RT @SyqueCaesar: Jake Jarman does it again! QUAD twisting double layout! WOW. 🤯🔥 04:58:20, 2020-07-21 RT @rockergymnastix: "In 2013, two gymnasts reported…that their coach had hit one gymnast and broken her nose, and pushed the other and c… 05:16:37, 2020-07-21 RT @chalkgrips: 👏🏼👏🏼🤓 09:36:16, 2020-07-21 RT @CatherineLyonsx: “When she doesn’t listen it makes her […]

La semana en Twitter – 05-07-2020

RT @RFEGimnasia: 🔊 El próximo día 30 de junio, la seleccionadora nacional Lucía Guisado formará parte de una conferencia que se realizará p… 11:58:47, 2020-06-29 RT @flipflytumble: Love it 😂 I just got result 'Zamolodchikova BB 2000' on quiz 'Which iconic Russian TF mistake are you?'. What will you… 15:28:28, 2020-06-29 RT @intlgymnast: 🎉Happy Birthday🎉 […]

La semana en Twitter – 21-06-2020

RT @logoff151: Jana Bieger is underrated. Yall hated this girl for years but she had the goods. No her feet and kneees aren't great but the… 10:06:16, 2020-06-15 Fechas para el próximo Festival Olímpico de la Juventud Europea 10:59:31, 2020-06-15 RT @Pamchenkova: Filatova's compulsory FX from Moscow '80 was 🙌 13:21:53, 2020-06-15 RT […]

La semana en Twitter – 14-06-2020

RT @uclagymstan: jennifer gadirovas full in dismount is POWERFUL 01:30:56, 2020-06-08 RT @ktgymnastics: don’t underestimate the power of representation. TOPs 2010 –> TOPs 2018. 10:48:21, 2020-06-08 RT @Pamchenkova: Charles Lakes was the first African American gymnast to represent the United States in the Olympic Games in Seoul '88. H… 10:54:17, 2020-06-08 RT @GymCoaching: […]

La semana en Twitter – 24-05-2020

RT @konnor2021: Morgan Hurd, an influencer. 01:24:52, 2020-05-18 RT @ejnedov: In The Australian newspaper today 🙌🏼 a well written article on how covid-19 has affected my training & Olympics plan 🤗 https:/… 01:25:43, 2020-05-18 RT @EllieBlack_: Call me Ellie LumberBlack 🪓 01:25:50, 2020-05-18 RT @varinskii: Petition for the next COP to make holds […]

La semana en Twitter – 17-05-2020

RT @gymandnews: Bonjour à tous. Déconfinement, jour 1 ! Prenez soin de vous et surtout ne croyez pas que tout est revenu comme avant. Soy… 09:27:47, 2020-05-11 @AtlantasHart @TheMedalCount_ Olympic quads, not just the Olympics. It includes World Championships. in reply to AtlantasHart 09:32:40, 2020-05-11 Mientras celebramos o esperamos pacientemente que nuestra provincia pase a […]