La semana en Twitter – 04-11-2018

RT @Mustafinafan1: Noooo millousi retired 😭😭😭😭 21:21:33, 2018-10-29 RT @GymCoaching: Seven-time NCAA champ coach 'Miss Val' discusses retirement, honouring sexual abuse survivors and the future of USA Gymnas… 21:46:29, 2018-10-29 RT @YCUCHERAT: Nos Françaises peaufinent leur entrée en salle de compétition dans les couloirs de l’hôtel…👌Elles sont définitivement prêt… 21:54:58, 2018-10-29 RT @gymnastics: Chinese […]

La semana en Twitter – 21-10-2018

RT @thegymterdotnet: Youth Olympic Games Men's Vault 🥇 Brandon Briones USA 14.099 🥈 Nazar Chepurnyi UKR 13.983 🥉 Jacob Karlsen NOR 13.883… 00:16:59, 2018-10-15 RT @GymAustralia: We’re excited to announce the team selected to represent Australia at the 2018 World Championships in Doha: #MAG Chris R… 09:03:05, 2018-10-15 RT @GymCoaching: YOG Dakar 2022 – can […]

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@GinnasticaIta @belgiangym in reply to GinnasticaIta 08:42:39, 2018-10-08 @cherity1313 @magnastics Like most things in this world… in reply to cherity1313 08:45:22, 2018-10-08 @cherity1313 @magnastics I was too. My favourite Spanish junior WAG gymnast was not eligible. in reply to cherity1313 09:06:12, 2018-10-08 RT @Coninews: 🥉 A #Londra2012 ha conquistato il terzo gradino del podio […]

La semana en Twitter – 07-10-2018

RT @reeser96: The 2019 Fantasy Gymnastics Unsorted Draft @FantasyGym @collegegymnews_ 01:35:32, 2018-10-01 RT @rayderley: Muy contento con mi resultado en la copa del mundo de parís! Hace un año justamente me rompí el tendón de Aquiles es esta co… 11:11:10, 2018-10-01 RT @russiangymstan: Part of Aliya’s appearance on “лучше всех” with the cutest bb […]

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@ossiana Al final el que hago es online, puedo hacerlo en cualquier sitio. 😉 in reply to ossiana 00:14:02, 2018-09-24 RT @gymnastics: Oleg Verniaiev 🇺🇦 continues comeback at Szombathely World Challenge Cup 👉 11:01:43, 2018-09-24 Hoy cumple años Álvaro Montesinos Yago, exgimnasta olímpico y exseleccionador español de gimnasia artística masculi… 11:25:39, 2018-09-24 […]

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RT @intlgymnast: 2018 Pan American Championships – Women's Team Final results 1. United States 169.467 (Jade Carey's FX below) 2. Brazil 1… 06:46:43, 2018-09-17 ¡Muy a favor! Yo voy a intentar poner mi granito de arena publicando en español noticias de la temporada 2019 de gi… 11:06:52, 2018-09-17 RT @ncaa_streaming: Estoy preparando una comunidad […]

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RT @GymCastic: Preview of USOC vs Kerry Perry on Tuesday. 00:23:19, 2018-09-03 RT @YurchenkoTheory: Hot take: The old guard of coaches is organizing a putsch against Perry to preserve their influence. She clearly needs… 00:27:47, 2018-09-03 RT @RussianGymnast: Personalizing the problems with USAG underestimates the problem, which pervades the whole orgn. Who appointed her, […]

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RT @papaliukin: The Colombians have been busy this season: Pacific Rim Championships, South American Games, Central American & Caribbean Ga… 22:50:44, 2018-08-27 RT @UEGymnastics: With 5 medals, including three European titles, Italian junior Giorgia Villa returned home as the most decorated female g… 16:07:14, 2018-08-28 RT @BraGymnastics: Jade Barbosa training whip + full in on […]