La semana en Twitter – 12-07-2020

Dinamarca renuncia a organizar los Mundiales de gimnasia artística de 2021. 19:09:51, 2020-07-07 RT @CatherineLyonsx: A former team mate of mine who works for the charity ‘Mind’ got in touch with me and provided this link. I know I’m no… 00:03:57, 2020-07-08 RT @SophieJamesonX: You join Gymnastics for fun… but there became a time […]

La semana en Twitter – 05-07-2020

RT @RFEGimnasia: 🔊 El próximo día 30 de junio, la seleccionadora nacional Lucía Guisado formará parte de una conferencia que se realizará p… 11:58:47, 2020-06-29 RT @flipflytumble: Love it 😂 I just got result 'Zamolodchikova BB 2000' on quiz 'Which iconic Russian TF mistake are you?'. What will you… 15:28:28, 2020-06-29 RT @intlgymnast: 🎉Happy Birthday🎉 […]

La semana en Twitter – 28-06-2020

RT @margomxr: okay @thegymterdotnet @GymCastic @TheBBSituation why did nobody tell me about the german competition that was live streamed t… 08:19:12, 2020-06-22 RT @mikkigerb: I distinctly remember having an injury that took me out of training for a couple weeks. When I came back my gymnastics was… 08:27:38, 2020-06-22 RT @NastiaLiukin: Okay Dad… NBD. 09:57:07, […]

La semana en Twitter – 21-06-2020

RT @logoff151: Jana Bieger is underrated. Yall hated this girl for years but she had the goods. No her feet and kneees aren't great but the… 10:06:16, 2020-06-15 Fechas para el próximo Festival Olímpico de la Juventud Europea 10:59:31, 2020-06-15 RT @Pamchenkova: Filatova's compulsory FX from Moscow '80 was 🙌 13:21:53, 2020-06-15 RT […]

La semana en Twitter – 14-06-2020

RT @uclagymstan: jennifer gadirovas full in dismount is POWERFUL 01:30:56, 2020-06-08 RT @ktgymnastics: don’t underestimate the power of representation. TOPs 2010 –> TOPs 2018. 10:48:21, 2020-06-08 RT @Pamchenkova: Charles Lakes was the first African American gymnast to represent the United States in the Olympic Games in Seoul '88. H… 10:54:17, 2020-06-08 RT @GymCoaching: […]

La semana en Twitter – 31-05-2020

RT @andi_mcc: Great news! Olivia Cimpian clarified in this interview that she has not quit gymnastics. She is planning to take the exam to… 00:07:01, 2020-05-25 RT @russiangymstan: Round Lake has reopened. 33 gymnasts arrived by car today. They will be tested for Coronavirus tomorrow. If everything… 09:51:32, 2020-05-25 RT @nabievabhardwaj: A few front double […]

La semana en Twitter – 24-05-2020

RT @konnor2021: Morgan Hurd, an influencer. 01:24:52, 2020-05-18 RT @ejnedov: In The Australian newspaper today 🙌🏼 a well written article on how covid-19 has affected my training & Olympics plan 🤗 https:/… 01:25:43, 2020-05-18 RT @EllieBlack_: Call me Ellie LumberBlack 🪓 01:25:50, 2020-05-18 RT @varinskii: Petition for the next COP to make holds […]

La semana en Twitter – 17-05-2020

RT @gymandnews: Bonjour à tous. Déconfinement, jour 1 ! Prenez soin de vous et surtout ne croyez pas que tout est revenu comme avant. Soy… 09:27:47, 2020-05-11 @AtlantasHart @TheMedalCount_ Olympic quads, not just the Olympics. It includes World Championships. in reply to AtlantasHart 09:32:40, 2020-05-11 Mientras celebramos o esperamos pacientemente que nuestra provincia pase a […]

La semana en Twitter – 03-05-2020

RT @gymnovosti: Zamolodchikova: We saw the second place in Sydney as a loss 16:08:15, 2020-04-27 RT @UEGymnastics: Happy birthday to the wonderful Roza Galieva! 🇷🇺🎂 #artistic #gymnastics 10:20:21, 2020-04-28 Gran pérdida para el periodismo deportivo. Descanse en paz. 😔 12:05:10, 2020-04-28 RT @timeofgyms: Update Roumanie 🇷🇴 – Denisa Golgota prend sa retraite […]

La semana en Twitter – 26-04-2020

RT @Pamchenkova: #swoon 12:14:52, 2020-04-20 RT @GymCoaching: remembering Daria Joura 12:15:38, 2020-04-20 RT @Pamchenkova: Daria Joura on how to stick 5 acrobatic lines like a pro. 12:18:40, 2020-04-20 RT @theallaround: Former GDR MAG head coach Dieter Hofmann passed away 21:42:15, 2020-04-20 RT @RFEGimnasia: Hoy el #TeamESP de #GAF ha invitado a […]

La semana en Twitter – 19-04-2020

RT @uclagymnastics: We did not get to see this floor routine by @IAmMargzetta nearly enough, but every time she performed it, she went 9.9+… 00:50:00, 2020-04-13 En el Instagram personal de quien lleva GimnastasNet está guardada en las "historias" la emisión en directo de su s… 13:50:29, 2020-04-13 @pepe_reca Si lo publiqué por aquí… […]

La semana en Twitter – 12-04-2020

RT @uncletimmensgym: With all these gymnasts practicing pommels in their living rooms, the 2021 pommel horse final is going to be 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 00:25:50, 2020-04-06 RT @GymCoaching: Cirque du Soleil – 60 minute special 11:31:40, 2020-04-06 RT @Pamchenkova: I miss Romania. 11:34:49, 2020-04-06 RT @UEGymnastics: Join us in wishing Zsofia Kovacs 🇭🇺 a very […]

La semana en Twitter – 29-03-2020

RT @RFEGimnasia: ¡Feliz lunes!👋🏼 Compartimos nuestro planing semanal de #directos en #Instagram para intentar llevar esta semana de la mej… 13:19:46, 2020-03-23 No os perdáis lo último de Álvaro Montesinos. 😅 20:43:28, 2020-03-23 RT @CNN: BREAKING: Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says he has reached an agreement with International Olympic Committee President Thomas… 14:37:03, […]

La semana en Twitter – 22-03-2020

RT @cintiia94: No hay excusas, solo ganas. Y aunque sea en casa nunca las pierdo, seguimos adelante #YoEntrenoEnCasa 13:39:05, 2020-03-16 RT @RFEGimnasia: Nuestras gimnastas del #TeamESP de #GAF continúan, dentro de lo posible, su rutina diaria 💪🏼 Clase de ballet con su coreóg… 14:45:32, 2020-03-16 RT @GimcatFCG: El gimnasta Ruben López (CG sant Boi) […]

La semana en Twitter – 15-03-2020

RT @InsideGym: Very golden day for Skinner! ・・・ Wow! 🥇🥇🥇for senior apparatus finals for @mykaylaskinner2016 of @usagym ! #vault #bars #flo… 00:55:46, 2020-03-09 Varias gimnastas españolas de la Federación Galega y del club Majadahonda participaron el fin de semana en el Torne… 12:42:42, 2020-03-09 RT @USOPMuseum: Tracee Talavera was part of the team that […]

La semana en Twitter – 08-03-2020

@theallaround Daniel Mendieta from Spain was training it too. 😉 in reply to theallaround 19:19:08, 2020-03-02 @theallaround I've heard he quit gymnastics 😕 in reply to GimnastasNet 19:20:59, 2020-03-02 RT @anacossani: Argentina se baja de Jessolo 😰 19:22:03, 2020-03-02 RT @UEGymnastics: Happy birthday to Hungary's Andrea Molnar! 🇭🇺🎂 #artistic #gymnastics 09:32:47, 2020-03-03 […]

La semana en Twitter – 01-03-2020

RT @XiuletFinal: 📝L'Egiba organitza, amb èxit, la primera fase de la Copa Catalana. ➡️ 00:48:04, 2020-02-24 RT @lsovi: Z Rezacs (HUN) Gienger with 2/1 turn. Performed in 1988. #gymnastics #highbar 00:49:40, 2020-02-24 Buenos días. La persona detrás de GimnastasNet está en plena mudanza a otro país (de nuevo) y empezando en un […]