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-In events final Elena Gómez has been 2ª in floor, Tania Gener 5ª and Sara Moro 7ª in uneven bars. In junior Melodie Pulgarín has been 6ª in vault and 7ª in floor. 

-Melodie Pulgarín has been 13th in junior individual final and Elena Gómez 5th in senior.

-Senior spanish team, with Tania Gener, Elena Gómez, Mónica Mesalles, Patricia Moreno and Sara Moro, has been 4ª in the women european championship. Elena Gomez has qualified for individual final y for uneven bars and floor finals and Tania Gener for uneven bars final.

In this page you can find the results from senior competion:



-Junior spanish team, with Melodie Pulgarín, Pilar Ortí, Lidia Gómez and Lorena Lino, has been 12ª in the women european championship  that is taking place in Ámsterdam (Holland), april 29 to may 2. Melodie has qualified for AA final and for vault and floor finals. Thais Escolar hasn't been because an injury.

In this page you can find the results from junior competion:



-Rafael Martínez has been second in the individual final and third in floor final the european championship. Jesús Carballo has been fourth in hight bar final. Photo from official page:

-Senior men spanish team with Rafael Martínez, Victor Cano, Alex Barrenechea, Jesús Carballo and Oriol Combarros have been 7th in european championship. Rafael Martínez will be tomorrow in individual final; also he'll be in floor final and Jesús Carballo in hight bar final.

-From april 15 to 18 take place in Ljbliana (Slovenia) the men european championship. In junior spanish team with Javier Gómez, Christian Guillén, Bruno Blanco and Javier Fernández has been 14th. Javier Gómez and Christian will be in individual final.

-Women spanish team won Holand last march 27th in Madrid. Elena Gómez was first and Laura Campos second.

-In the preolímpic competition in Athenss, took place march 17 to 21, spanish women team was 3th and Elena Gómez won gold medal in floor and Patricia Moreno was 7th. Rafael Martínez was first in floor, third in pommel horse and fourth in vault finals.  

-Isaac Botella was sixth in floor final in French International, march  13 and 14 at Lyon.

-Men spanish team won Italy and Ukraine in tri-meeting at Logroño past march 6. Photo from  La Guía de La Rioja:


-Victor Cano has won in pommel horse final in Cottbus (Alemania) past  march 5- 7. Also Rafael Martínez, Laura Campos and Patricia Moreno have participated. Patricia was 7th in beam and 9th in floor finals.

-Elena Gómez was 6th in American Cup at New York last february 29. American Carly Patterson won.

-Raquel Pascual has retired because a knee injury. Good lucky in new life!.

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-Today January 1 began a new year. The most important gymnastics events will be:


Men european championship: april, 15 to18 in Ljublana (Eslovenia). Official page:


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Women european championship: from april 29 to may 2 in Amsterdam (Holland). Official page:


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Athens Olimpics Games: august 14 to 23. Official page:


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